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TUE, 12.09 - 18:00

"There were the midday meals and sicknesses and the exhalations and the smoke of years, and the sweat that breaks out under the armpits and makes the garments heavy, and the stale breath of mouths, and the oily odour of perspiring feet. There were the pungent tang of urine and the stench of burning soot and the grey reek of potatoes, and the heavy, sickly fumes of rancid grease. The sweetish, lingering smell of neglected infants was there, and the smell of frightened children who go to school and the stuffiness of the beds of nubile youths." 

 - Rainer MariA Rilke gives a dramatic description of images of past life in an already demolished hause conveyed by traces imprinted on the wall of its neighboring hause



VERDANDI perfume - "less is more"


The new fragrance is nonclassical chypre. Traditional rose,  jasmine, moss and patchouli surrendered to mimosa, lilac and black tea.  Complementary frankincense and coriander interfere with each other and together sound summerly bold. Vetiver being a secret ingredient of the compound, set the character of the flavor and at the same time not dominating the rest of the bouquet. The fragrance is light, slightly addictive and leaves a feeling of unsolved mysteries. I myself a little bit helpless in front of its power. The smell is made for women, but it has a male imperiousness.


The new fragrance is released in ‹trans› magazine. on the page 141 you can easily scratch and sniff IT. As usually the magazine is available in Zürich eth gta-shop


the perfume you can order hier by writing me

Now exclusively - in Berlin. !!! LIMITED EDITION

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Space of scent

The strengest memory of a space is often its odor; I cannot remember the appearance of the door to my grandfather's farm-house from my early childhood, but I do remember the resistance of its weight, the patina of its wood surface scarred by a half century of use, and I recall especially the scent of harne that hit my face as an invisible wall behind the door. A particular smell may make us secretly re-enter a space that has been completely erased from the retinal memory; the nostrils project a forgotten image and we are enticed to enter a vivid daydream.

" ... Memory and imagination remain associated;' Gaston Bachelard writes. "I alone in my memories of another century can open the deep cupboard that still retains forme alone that unique odor, the odor of raisins, drying on a wicker tray. The odor of raisins! lt is an odor that is beyond description, one that it takes a lot of imagination to smell!'







Privates parfüm

Sie können einen Duft für Sie entwickeln und nur nach "Ihren Mass" anfertigen lassen. Ich werde Sie durch die Welt der Natur- und Synthetikrohstoffen und deren Geschichte begleiten. Wir setzten einen Akkord zusammen, der absolut einmalig ist. Sie entscheiden wie Sie duften möchten, ob ganz "natürlich", "alternativ" oder "experimentell". 
Ihr eigener duft kann man entweder bei mir in der Werkstatt oder bei ihnen zu hause machen.

workshops in kleinen gruppen

Empfehlenswert sind die Workshops in kleinen Gruppen von 2/3 bis max 5 Leuten, denn das Ziel ist es am Ende für jeden Teilnehmer ein eigenes Parfüm zu schaffen.


Die Kollektion ist der Architektur gewidmet und ist den geometrischen  Gesetzen untergeordnet. Es ist rund und flach, eckig und filigran, sakral  und einfach funktional . Das ist der absolute Rohbau, eine zwecklose Architektur. Die Konstruktion ist das wesentliche, ohne Verschönerung, Zeit und Stil. Was es auf jeden Fall hat, ist der Raum. 



Der erste Duft in der Kollektion. Ecke riecht! Probiert es einfach. 
Dear TaNSKI, thank you very very much for the wonderful perfume you have created for me. I am wearing this “potion” of basil and frankincense every day now and keep on being enchanted by its green, oriental and heart-warming fragrance. It is masculine and fresh but far beyond all the cliché scents associated with that. Merci beaucoup!
— ‎Christian St-Claire

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‹Ecke Xi› 2 ml


‹Ecke XI› 7,5 ml

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